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Challenging yourself

When is the last time you challenge yourself?

I think it was last year when my best friend, Ipul, asked me to be a photographer for his workshop. To be honest, I have no experience in photography. I didn’t have a camera at that time. I do take pictures using my phone but not professional camera.

Ipul’s standard was high in doing everything. He’s idealistic so that I was anxious my lack experience will disappoint him. He gave me super short training (about 15 minutes) in taking pictures using his camera. It was 15 minutes before the event started. Pfft… I was nervous. Luckily, my little sister took photography class when she was in high school. She own a camera and I asked her to teach me the basic the day before. So, I was a little bit prepared.

When there is a challenge, it takes me time to say yes. I usually analyze myself whether I am capable or not doing that. The truth is I am afraid to lose, to disappoint someone, to be underestimated. That’s the fear inside of me. When a stranger asks me do something I barely can’t, the fear is multiplied.

This is what I usually do when there’s challenge for me:

  1. I discuss with my inner circle about the project. Then ask their opinion about it. Most of the time, I will go for it. I think this is an opportunity to learn.
  2. I will tell the person honestly that I am no experience in that but I do have strong will to do my responsibility professionally. I also tell Ipul the truth and he’s okay with it (cos he’s short handed, hehehe).
  3. There will be obstacle (absolutely) but I always try to find solution. Always initiate a solution and discuss with peers before taking action (if you’re not the boss).
  4. The result is vary. I realize the picture I’ve taken were not all focus. But I took many so Ipul will get many options which one to display. hehehe. But I am sure, when you try harder, the result will follow.

I miss this kind of excitement lately. I do.




I was in charge for book club activities in Kinderfield. Together with Ms. Lisna, we arranged meetings and prepared what book we would discuss.

For talent show last year, we had puppet show of the diary of wimpy kid. If you think book club are just for nerds, you’re absolutely wrong.

These kids were extraordinary, brave and very active. When we practiced for the show, they were uncontrollably excited. So, I gotta to be stern (which was hard for me). Not to mention, I was wearing mask quite often. It’s just hard and exhausting.

But seeing their eagerness to practice, their hard work to overcome their anxiety and fear to perform.. It’s more than enough for me. I couldn’t be prouder.

Hhhhh… How I miss my Monday Book Club members. They taught me it’s good to be different and be yourself.

You have your role in every chapter of your life.

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I really wanna thank you to person who invented TIMEHOP APP. Every morning after I woke up, I always feel excited to tap on this app. Sometimes I found the old silly (alay) me that led me to a LOL. Most of the time I feel grateful for the day I passed with fun and meaningful experiences.

I feel blessed to finally being found by someone. That someone who will be the one and only, insha allah.

I also learn something. It’s just a matter of time to the Almighty answer all of our prayers. Surely and perfectly beautiful.

It’s just a matter of time, dear.

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I’ve been waiting all my life to finally find you. I thought that’s the end but it’s just a beginning.


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Ini Nikmah. Dia temen satu kos sewaktu di Solo. Asalnya dari Rembang, belum pernah ke Jakarta sebelumnya.

Subuh tadi sampe Gambir. Saya pesan ojek online langsung menuju rumah saya. Nikmah semangat banget pengen keliling Jakarta. Tapi sore jam 4 harus sudah selesai karena dia ada acara di Grand Tropic Hotel, acara bimtek rangkaian program SM3T.

Oke, saya putar otak.
Rapih mandi dan sarapan, jam 9 saya dan Nikmah naik motor ke Asemka. Beli mute titipan Mama. Sambil lihat-lihat.

Lalu, lanjut lagi ke Kota Tua. Motor saya parkir di BNI sebelah stasiun. Saya fotoin Nikmah di setiap gedung. Meski ga masuk, udah ada bukti dia pernah kesana. Hahaha. Mulai dari Museum Wayang, Museum Fatahillah, Museum Bahari, dan Cafe Batavia.

Jam 10, kami beranjak lagi ke depan BNI untuk naik bus tingkat (FREE) jurusan Istiqlal. Melewati kawasan Gajah Mada hingga Pasar Baru lalu berhenti di Istiqlal. Kami turun. Kalau mau ke arah HI harus ganti bus. Tapi kami ga langsung naik bus melainkan kami jalan menuju Toko Es Krim Ragusa yang ga jauh dari situ.

Cuaca panas. Pas banget! Adem makan es krim sambil nyemil otak-otak dari warung sebelah.

Kami kembali ke halte city tour bus. Tanpa menunggu, langsung naik bus tingkat lagi jurusan HI. Kali ini melewati Lapangan Banteng, Monas, Istana Merdeka, sampai akhirnya kami turun di Sarinah untuk makan siang.

Di restoran cepat saji, kami duduk santai sambil bertukar kabar teman-teman semasa kuliah dan rencan ke depan. Jam satu, kami kembali ke Kota Tua naik Transjakarta. Turun di stasiun melewati lorong bawah tanah yang sekarang penuh payung warna warni. Kami sholat lalu kembali ke rumah naik motor.
Jam tiga, kami sudah sampai rumah lagi.


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Cubicle work is tiring. I really miss teaching. Spending time with kids, having fun at the fields, doing silly and childish things. There’s always a reason to smile when I face my students. I guess that’s the reason why all my teachers look young. Teaching is the real anti aging serum!

For my fellow teachers, you’re lucky cause you’re teaching. You’ll stay young.


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1. Sudah ada gojek, bro! Ga usah bingung kalo mau jalan-jalan kesana kemari.

2. Mau beli coklat Singapore yang bisa beli dua gratis satu? Jangan di Bandara tapi di swalayan Top 100 (semacam tiptop kalo di Jakarta atau Tangerang)

3. Oleh-oleh Batam itu apasih? Kek pisang. Beli di pusatnya langsung deket pabrik Panasonic dan Polibatam. (Maap lupa jalannya 😅)

4. Berasa di negeri Cina (meski belum pernah ke Cina) karena bahasa Cina sering terdengar di ruang publik.

5. Ada jalan namanya JODOH!!! Kata Pak Adi, guide saya dari Aceh, dinamakan jodoh karena itu tempat nongkrongnya kakek-nenek zaman dulu kala. Sampai akhirnya banyak yang menikah makanya disebut jodoh. Yah, believe it or not… Hehe

Sekian trip kali ini.. Sekarang otw pulang. Hahaha.
😅😆😅😆 – at Hang Nadim International Airport (BTH)

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James Altucher said, “Spend time with someone you like and you’ll find the happiness.”

So far, my Sempana mates have been kind and lovely. And it’s always a pleasure to be with them. Thank you.
See you soon at Reuni Sempana Raya next January!!!
😆😆😆 – with Rizka, reni, Adita, Lia, Ina, and Goena S

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This knitted loopy hat was a huge hit in Korea in 2014. I finally can knitted one! Pretty easy, it takes around 45 minute to finish it. But it took me months cause I was so busy (cielah). Thanks to Ipul for buying me this loopy yarn!

Udah mirip sama Park Shinye belum? 😝

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