In 2008, I was accepted in Sebelas Maret University. I spent four years there to study and meet many people. Some were nice, less of them were mean. Well, that’s life. You could never get all the good. I graduated in early 2013. My sister also got in the same university. I realized that every year I would visit the city for various occasion. Most of the time, I would be there when I was feeling down and lonely. The city was full of spirit and being there I felt like being cured.

This year, I visited Solo for my friends’ wedding. I met my old friends. Seeing them transformed from a teenager into a mother or someone’s wife or husband was wonderful. I saw them getting mature and think differently. So happy to be wise.

Sometimes, we got a scar from the past or a fight with someone. Then time flies, at the moment we meet again everything just normal like nothing happen. It means we were being mature and forgiving them.

At the moment you can laugh at your problem, it means you’re okay. You’re fine.

I would like to thank you my roommate, Thumbelina a.k.a Nikmah who was kind and tough. You deserve someone better, something good rather than stuck in your hometown. Keep laughing at your problem and you’ll be fine. There’s always a way to solve it. Don’t worry my dear, we have Allah beside us.

Me and Thumbelina

I love you, Bell. You make me stronger. Let’s meet again!

I also met my ‘enemy’ Krisnawan. He is forever Peter Pan. I didn’t see maturity inside him. Hahaha. We always bickering whenever we’re in the same place. Still, I miss him. Thanks Wijaya for gathering and treating us at Spesial Sambal. Yummy~

Wijaya, Kris, Thumbelina, and Me at Spesial Sambal

There’s always people that make you feel home even though you’re far away. Yoru, Naja and Rama… thank you for your warm welcome. My jaws were almost fell off because of laughing. You ease my heart. Can’t wait to see you guys again. Hopefully, having a trip together somewhere.

Rama, Yoru, Me and Naja

Specially, Rama for taking me to wedding and watch Civil War with Mba Anggi. Sukses selalu. Semoga segera bertemu Shinta. ๐Ÿ™‚

Me and Rama

See you again guys~