I was in charge for book club activities in Kinderfield. Together with Ms. Lisna, we arranged meetings and prepared what book we would discuss.

For talent show last year, we had puppet show of the diary of wimpy kid. If you think book club are just for nerds, you’re absolutely wrong.

These kids were extraordinary, brave and very active. When we practiced for the show, they were uncontrollably excited. So, I gotta to be stern (which was hard for me). Not to mention, I was wearing mask quite often. It’s just hard and exhausting.

But seeing their eagerness to practice, their hard work to overcome their anxiety and fear to perform.. It’s more than enough for me. I couldn’t be prouder.

Hhhhh… How I miss my Monday Book Club members. They taught me it’s good to be different and be yourself.

You have your role in every chapter of your life.

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