When is the last time you challenge yourself?

I think it was last year when my best friend, Ipul, asked me to be a photographer for his workshop. To be honest, I have no experience in photography. I didn’t have a camera at that time. I do take pictures using my phone but not professional camera.

Ipul’s standard was high in doing everything. He’s idealistic so that I was anxious my lack experience will disappoint him. He gave me super short training (about 15 minutes) in taking pictures using his camera. It was 15 minutes before the event started. Pfft… I was nervous. Luckily, my little sister took photography class when she was in high school. She own a camera and I asked her to teach me the basic the day before. So, I was a little bit prepared.

When there is a challenge, it takes me time to say yes. I usually analyze myself whether I am capable or not doing that. The truth is I am afraid to lose, to disappoint someone, to be underestimated. That’s the fear inside of me. When a stranger asks me do something I barely can’t, the fear is multiplied.

This is what I usually do when there’s challenge for me:

  1. I discuss with my inner circle about the project. Then ask their opinion about it. Most of the time, I will go for it. I think this is an opportunity to learn.
  2. I will tell the person honestly that I am no experience in that but I do have strong will to do my responsibility professionally. I also tell Ipul the truth and he’s okay with it (cos he’s short handed, hehehe).
  3. There will be obstacle (absolutely) but I always try to find solution. Always initiate a solution and discuss with peers before taking action (if you’re not the boss).
  4. The result is vary. I realize the picture I’ve taken were not all focus. But I took many so Ipul will get many options which one to display. hehehe. But I am sure, when you try harder, the result will follow.

I miss this kind of excitement lately. I do.