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The Mirror has Two Faces, Professor Charming and Cool Knitted Hat

I was so into knitting lately. I have knitted hats, bracelet and scarfs. I knitted for people I dear, I gave them as a present. Mom said I should sell it but I am not so sure someone will buy it. Haha. Not only knitting, I also like watching movies and observing people. Let’s combine those hobbies into one so it would be I observe what I see in movies, what they wear and how they talk mostly.

There is a move that I really love. The title is The Mirror has Two Faces. The story was about two professors being in love uniquely. Rose was literacy professor while Greg was mathematics professor in the same university. Both of them were teachers, like me. Greg was a professor charming who was tired being in love for sex. He wanted a platonic relationship with a intelligent woman who would listen and share her life with. However, Rose was romantic and feeling unattractive toward a man. In short, they met. They found the chemistry. Eventually, they got married. But their married life wasn’t a happily ever after kind story. The conflict started when they exchanged vows to live together. (No spoiler, you should watch it by yourself! :p)

In the movie, Rose was played by Barbra Streisand. I noticed that she wear knitted hat in the winter scene. I would have that hat so I knitted one (on picture above). I shared a same dream with Rose to be a great teacher, build a happy marriage life, meeting Mr. Right somewhere even though you’re not pretty. Hopefully, I will meet the Professor Charming like Gregory who see a woman not based on her physical attraction but attitude and intelligence.

The movie end with a wonderful song by Bryan Adams and Barbra Streisand, I Finally Found Someone. If I have to be a professor and end with that someone, I would do it! Absolutely!


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ILearn: Introduction to Research for Essay Writing

“The hardest thing in writing is to get it started,” said our instructor today. That’s how I really feel when I wanna write anything. It is the main reason why I joined this course. This course is based on coursera so I had to log in to and also register at atamerica web.

Today was the first meeting. I felt extremely excited to learn again in the cozy classroom with eager young people. At first, I got stumble in understanding the material. It’s been a while to heat up my brain. Haha. However, I pushed myself through it.

The material today was how to make a good research question. At college, the lecturer would give a general topic to write about. So, you have to narrow it down and make it specific. The aim is to make your research specific and details. Moreover, you only have limited time to read some reliable source to write down your research.

As we went on, we discussed how to get reliable sources. Most of us (including me) would google our topic. But, we’ve been doing wrong so far. There’s more efficient to look up your data on where academia wrote down their thesis. It’s is academically writing and reliable. There are some journal that you can get from library database or online.

How do you know that you write a good academic writing?

“Academic writing is like painting a beautiful scenery. As painter, you don’t know when to stop as you want your painting as beautiful as possible. But, that’s the point. You’ll continue when you notice a detail. That’s how learning process going on.”

If you want to know more, you should log on to Enjoy!

A Project with The Bright Positive Person

Meski super dupper lelah seharian jadi panitia sport day tapi tahu akan jumpa dengan the bright positive person jadi semangat dan berbinar-binar. So excited because now we’re no longer in teacher-student relationship but a partner! Yup, a new project is going to be started.

The Bright Positive Person Ardi shared his idea about making an android app for learning English. He asked me to join. I will be the one in charge of the content while Ardi will design the app and make the program work. By adding this project, I believe I would juggle doing my work but I really truly want to join. The reason is working with Ardi means meeting him up often means I will get some inspiration and feel encouraged and motivated in doing good. Moreover, I will make something useful [hopefully] for others and left something in this life as a sign that ‘I was here’.

Bismillah. ๐Ÿ™‚

#HappinessIsMeetingTheBrightPositivePersonAfterMonths #SaturdateNight
๐Ÿ˜ – at Dunkin’ Donuts

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Birokrasi oh birokrasi

Setelah lari-larian mengejar dosen dan tulisan saya rampung, ternyata perjuangan saya belum selesai.

Berkas saya gak bisa dicap karena yang menandatangani adalah dosen biasa bukan ketua jurusan atau dekan. Huft~

Setelah dioper sana-sini, saya pasrah. Sudah sore, kajur sedang di jakarta, tiket pulang sudah dibeli. Saya harus kembali. Pulang.

Yang penting sudah usaha. Nanti saya kembali lagi..

Hebatnya saya gak nangis! Malah tertawa karena ini akan menjadi cerita perjuangan saya di masa depan. A present will be a funny past in other perspectives.


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Mengejar Dosen.

“Ra, pak Asib ada di kampus!”

Segera saya meninggalkan Jess (adik saya yang gemesin itu) dan pesanan makan siang yang belum datang menuju gedung pasca sarjana UNS. Ngebut naik motor.

Lari-lari menaiki tangga. Saya lihat Pak Asib berjalan masuk gedung dan tiba-tiba menghilang. Saya berdiri di depan toilet pria, mengintai (duh mahasiswa apa stalker sih?!) khawatir kehilangan jejak Pak Asib.

Pak Asib keluar dari toilet.
“Ada apa mba?” katanya. Saya mesem-mesem, malu. Lalu segera diajak ke ruangannya. Tulisan saya diperiksa, dikasih pinjam laptop buat segera revisi di tempat. Keringat dingin dan kaki lemes. Dibantu mas Yos (asisten beliau) ngeprint ini-itu.

Satu jam kemudian. Tralalalala~ selesai~ yay~ besok bisa pulang dengan tenang and I’m definitely gonna miss this city.

Meski melelahkan entah kenapa senang bisa berinteraksi dengan kampus, diskusi sama teman-teman dan suasana belajar. I find my soul. I feel I am belong here.


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There, there
See you there
My dream I hold so dear

Here, here
Plan and preparations are my gears
Wish me luck, my dear

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My five months old, Chiwa, is sick. So, I took her to a vet. This is the first experience for her and me going to the vet. I met many dog’s lover today because Chiwa was the only cat patient this morning. She got three injection of infused water and calcium. I hope she get well soon.

Sudah seminggu lebih Chiwa, kucing mix Anggora dari Annisa berumur 5 bulan, sakit. Kaki belakangnya gak bisa menumpu dia berjalan. Jadi tiap 2-3 langkah pasti jatuh. Kadang membaik, kadang memburuk. Karena aku gak tega, tadi pagi aku dan Mama langsung bawa Chiwa ke dokter hewan terdekat. Dokter hewan Martina, di jalan Mandala Selatan no.39, Tomang, Jak-bar.

Penanganannya sangat detail dan aku sebagai ‘ibu’ pasien ngerasa puas. Pertama, Chiwa ditimbang. Berat badannya 1.4kg. Lalu, dimasukkan termometer ke anusnya. Dokter memberi tahu kalau di dalam kotorannya Chiwa ada darah dan banyak bakteri (hasil kotorannya langsung dicek melalui mikroskop saat itu juga). Dokter mendiagnosa kalau Chiwa sensitif dengan makanan manusia. Jadi harus dikasih makanan kucing aja macam Wh*skas. Lalu, Chiwa diberi cairan infus (the real infuse water, hahaha) dan kalsium dengan cara menyuntik Chiwa. Hiks~ gak tega karena aku harus megangin dia sementara dokternya menyuntikkan cairan tersebut tiga kali suntikan!!! Untungnya Chiwa kalem dan gak berontak tapi tetep ngeong sih. (Mungkin ini rasanya kalo punya anak sakit, hehehe lebay)

Sambil memeriksa Chiwa, dokternya pun memberi saran dan tips dalam merawat kucing ‘manja-berbulu-panjang’ ini.

Berikut SARANnya:

MATA: untuk merawat mata yg belekan, gunakan kapas yang dibasahi pembersih softlens. Usapkan saat mata tertutup. Boleh juga meneteskan cairan pembersih softlens ke mata kucing Anda karena cairan tersebut selain berfungsi membersihkan juga melembabkan.

TELINGA: cukup bersihkan dengan cotton bud. Btw, kata dokternya kalo telinganya hitam ada kemungkinan kutu di telinganya.

BULU: karena Chiwa bulunya panjang, sebisa mungkin disisir setiap hari supaya tidak terjadi yg namanya hair ball.

MEMANDIKAN: kalau kucingnya sehat mandikan sebulan sekali itu cukup. Tapi kalo lagi mencret kaya Chiwa gini, bersihkan tiap hari bagian tubuh bawahnya. Air bilasannya diberi PEMUTIH. karena berfungsi diinfektan. Lebih aman misalnya terjilat oleh si kucing. Kalau bisa mengepel lantai pakai pemutih aja lebih aman buat si kecil berkaki empat.

That’s all. Moga membantu~

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EHEF 2014

EHEF 2014
(European Higher Education Fair)

Judge me,
I don’t mind
I have a dream to think about
I have life you don’t care about

As Poh Wan said to me, “You’re close.” And I don’t think of giving up!!!

I don’t need you to acknowledge me. I don’t! It’s alright if you think me as a failure as long as I’m happy in the future.

I don’t need your permission for seeking my own happiness. To me, you are someone who put a thorn of sadness. – at Balai Kartini

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A Fun Project with My Friends (2)


Tadi pagi jam 6 kurang 2 menit, proyek EEL dikirim ke Swedia. Meski sampai sekarang belum ada notifikasi emailnya sudah masuk ke panitia atau belum. Huft~ tapi bisa ngerasain kerja bareng sampai bergadang bareng itu MENYENANGKAN.

Di Ahad pagi, aplikasi yang udah aku kerjain menghilang datanya karena human error, tepatnya Ahmad error. Dia langsung matiin komputer tanpa ngesave dulu dan aplikasinya gak bisa autosave. Histeris dan panik! Bahkan Papa n Mama sampai marah ke aku dan Ahmad. Dan… omongan Papa itu menyakitkan sekali. So, seharian di hari Ahad, aku ngerjain ulang from a scratch. Pfft.

Malamnya, bisnis plan belum juga kelar. Ipul sibuk pindahan dan Achit sedang jalan-jalan ke Bandung. Sekitar jam 9 malam, aku dan Ipul ngerjain bisnis plan bareng sampai pagi. Kok bisa? Iya, kami online pake google drive dan bisa langsung edit disitu juga meski kami gak dalam satu tempat.

Jam 2 pagi, saya tewas karena gak sanggup menahan kantuk dan mata perih akibat nangis dan berkutat di depan PC seharian (perpaduan yang ajib, Bung!). Ipul masih bertahan hingga pagi. Jam 5 pagi, aku ngoreksi dan edit bisnis plan. Bener-bener dikejar waktu, batas pengumpulan satu jam lagi! Kurang dua menit dari deadline, alhamdulillah semuanya terkirim. Semoga sampai sebelum deadline.

Mohon doanya, kalau proyek ini lolos, kami akan dapat pelatihan di Swedia selama 2 bulan.

Seharian yang ZUPER INTENS meski tidak bertatap muka bersama Ipul (dan Matsuri Guy yang juga ada disana menemani diskusi dan sibuk corat-coret, hehe)

Akhir kata, terimakasih buat Jess yang udah kasih info tentang lomba ini, Ipul yang bekerja amat keras nyelesaian hampir semua kekacauan yang aku buat dan tetep sabar, Matsuri Guy yang udah jadi temen diskusi yang menyenangkan, Achit atas bantuan doa dan oleh2nya, dan semua peserta trial EEL. I love you all! – with Zaskya

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